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ErrorWiz is an easy-to-use system optimizer to fix Registry problems
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ErrorWiz is a system optimizer that promises to make your computer faster by eliminating all the junk that is slowing it down. Writing a review about a system optimizer is not an easy task. The Registry is a part of your system with a great impact on performance, but after all, it is invisible for the users. Then, how can we tell how effective the changes made by a Registry tool are? The question becomes even more difficult when many of these tools have too limited trial versions that will present you with a long list of errors but refuse to fix any of them. And even if they did, most optimizers will find lots of errors even after you have cleaned a lot more with another utility of the same type. Again, the results are difficult to check because, unless your computer was a total wreck, performance improvements are seldom noticeable. That is why I will necessarily need to check what others say about ErrorWiz.
ErrorWiz is definitely an application that has generated a great deal of debate. Opinions range from absolutely disapproving to extremely favorable. As for the negative opinions, some reviews and users say that ErrorWiz is actually a virus and a scam while others deny these claims blaming pirate downloads for malware and arguing ErrorWiz’s payment website is extremely safe and guarantees your money back. In these circumstances, it is really difficult for me to support one side or the other, so I will base my review only on what I can see for myself.
First, ErrorWiz is an easy-to-use application. The interface design would have been great in the nineties, but not anymore. Second, apart from basic Registry optimization, it offers some other features, such as Uninstall Manager, Startup List Manager, Virtual Memory Tool and Error Fix Tool.
When I scanned for Registry errors, it came up with a long list. However, the unregistered version would fix only one error, which makes it difficult to check if it really has an impact on performance. One of the advantages is that it is fully portable, which means that you can take it with you on your external device.
As a whole, facing the facts that there are so many other applications of the same type around, I would not choose ErrorWiz as my optimizer. There is too much criticism around it and I would not take the risk, mostly when the trial version did not give me the chance to check its worth. However, if you prefer to give it the benefit of the doubt, it is up to you to try it.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It is portable
  • It includes extra tools


  • The trial version fixes only one error
  • There are many negative opinions about it
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